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Preview Modding Documentation for Foundation 1.2.0

:!: Please do not upload mods for Foundation 1.2.0 to before the official release of those modding features, since it would make your mod visible to all players, and they won't be able to play it :!:

How to Access 1.2 Preview ?

Just switch to the modding_preview beta branch on Steam, or the Modding Preview channel on GOG.

Generated Documentation

New Features

Migration Notes

New mod.json

In order to only load mods when enabled, Foundation will now need a new description file for each mod. It will declare all the things Foundation would need to know about the mod without parsing the lua file.

	"Name": "Simple Example Mod",
	"Author": "Leo",
	"Description": "A very simple mod example",
	"Version": "2.0.0",
	"AdditionalLanguageList": [
			"Name": "Klingon",
			"Code": "tlh"

createMod() function is simplified

Since the new mod.json file already contains all basic information about the mod, the foundation.createMod() function does not take any parameter anymore.

local myMod = foundation.createMod()

GENERAL_DATA asset type has been removed

GENERAL_DATA asset type has been removed and all its properties has been moved to BALANCING.

However, modders can now partially override Foundation main balancing (DEFAULT_BALANCING), instead of being forced to replace all balancing properties. see Asset override for more information.

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