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Construction steps

Buildings and building parts are built step by step. The construction system is based on naming.

You can specify a prefab to be used as construction visual.

The system will parse the prefab and search for objects with a name starting with step_.

All nodes called step_0 (or step_0_anythingelse) will be visible as soon as the building is placed.

The rest of the nodes (step_X / step_X_anythingelse) will become visible in order, during the construction.

If more than one node have the same order number, they inner order will be randomized. For instance step_2_A, step_2_B and step_2_C will be shown in a random order. But always after step_1, and always before step_3.

Note that all children of a node starting with step_ will be shown with there parent, no mater their name.

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