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Hard dependency

If your mod depends on features/content created in another mod, you can declare this other mod as a hard dependency of yours. Doing so will warn players if they try to use your mod without its dependencies.

To declare dependencies for your mod, add a “Dependencies” table in your mod.json. Each entry in this table requires the name of the dependency mod (“Name”), and its ID (“Id”, you can find it in the dependency's generated_ids.lua file).

  1. {
  2. "Name": "Mod Name",
  3. "Author": "Author of the mod",
  4. "Description": "Description of the mod",
  5. "Version": "1.0.0",
  7. "Dependencies": [
  8. {
  9. "Id": "81f7891c-d992-4b27-beff-617a276bab4c",
  10. "Name": "First dependency mod"
  11. },
  12. {
  13. "Id": "28eac88d-a14a-45fa-842f-710839386b77",
  14. "Name": "Second dependency mod"
  15. },
  16. ...
  17. ]
  18. }

Soft dependency

If your mod uses another mod's content but can still work without it, this other mod is considered as a soft dependency. In this case, you can test in your script if this mod is already loaded with foundation.isModLoaded:

  1. -- Test if the mod I depend on is loaded
  2. if (foundation.isModLoaded("5d2565f1-3083-4a53-8366-8f2a2e1c4690")) then
  3. ....
  4. else
  5. ....
  6. end
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