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Defining Building's Worker Path

You can choose a path for a worker when he is going to his workplace.

This path is defined by path points. These are locators under MAYA set in the fbx under the buildingPart of the workplace.

Once your building is well displayed in game, here is a simple check list to be sure you didn't forget something about the path:

1) The name of this buildingPart should contain “Part”.

2) These path points should be named PATH_x_y where x is a letter and y a number.

3) The worker goes through these points from the smaller number to the greater number.

4) The final orientation of the worker depends on the orientation of the last PATH_x_y.

5) Processor

-- Apply building asset processor
myMod:registerAssetProcessor("models/myFbxName.fbx", {


1) For a simple building, the game displays a green arrow on the first path (PATH_x_y with the letter that appears first in the alphabet). 2) For a monument, no green arrow is displayed (but the worker take although the path)

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