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Game texture usage policy

Game textures may be called into a mod, this has the advantage of easily adopting the Foundation art style whilst also preventing copyright infringement.

This method also has the added benefit of optimizing texture usage in the game engine by not duplicating textures.

  • You can call a texture into a mod using the texture file name, however, it is not permited to directly package Polymorph Games assets into a mod.
  • There is currently no official support for the discovery of in-game textures and their file names.
  • It is possible to hack game files using third-party software however this is not supported by Polymorph Games, doing so is at your own risk.

Note: Publicly sharing of Polymorph Games game files and assets is strictly prohibited by copyright law.

Texture use

  • When creating a mod, game textures may be used to correctly align and scale during texture mapping.
  • Blender: When exporting to fbx use the auto function on path mode (not ‘copy’) to ensure that only the texture name will be included in your mod.
  • Maya: The default export settings should correctly export an fbx without also including the texture in your mod.

Watermarked texture pack

  • One option to make using in-game textures more accessible is to provide a watermarked texture pack. This is a possibility and one we will look at again further into development once final textures and file names have been established.
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