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Foundation Dev News #4

Come one, come all! In this Edition of Foundation Dev News:

  • Foundation Sale ending soon
  • Our very first award
  • What we are working on
  • A new team member
  • Join us at PAX South

Sale Ends November 28th!!

Only 1 day left to take advantage of 25% OFF Foundation.

Pre-order your Steam key now and get instant access to the Alpha today!*

Get 25% OFF Foundation right now: https://www.polymorph.games/

*Instant access to the Alpha is via a standalone installer. Steam keys will be distributed upon Early Access in Q1 2019

Foundation Wins a MIGA Award!

Earlier this month we attended our first public Exposition at the Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade.  It was fantastic to see so many people come out to join us at MEGA!

We had a superb time making new friends and showing off Foundation. To top it all off we won our very first award!

There was some stiff competition for the MIGA awards with some fantastic Independent Studios creating some truly incredible games. To our genuine surprise and excitement we walked away with the award for Best Sound Design!!

Thanks so much to Jonathan Grover of The Grove for doing such an amazing job with the sound design. The whole team are so proud of this achievement and the warm fuzzy feeling we get for the recognition from MIGA, which you can probably see in our faces below!

What We Are Working On

As you may know Foundation will be moving to Steam Early Access in Q1 2019. We have a lot planned and a busy time ahead of us preparing for the Early Access release. Here are a few things we are currently working on:

  • Environment Rehaul – We are creating lush environments for your villages to nestle in.
  • UI Improvement – We are working hard on improving the menu system and overall look to the user interface, helping accessibility as well as looking great!
  • Particle System – A new particle system is under development that will create even more atmosphere to your gorgeous cities.
  • Steam Achievements
  • And of course more content for the Early Access release!

We Welcome a New Team Member

We are excited to announce a new member of the Polymorph Games Team! Loup-Gabriel has joined us as our FX Artist!

He has already started work on Particle FX and visual improvements, using the in-house Particle System. With the help of Loup-Gabriel, Foundation will take on new levels of atmospheric environments!

Pax South 2019


We are taking Foundation to Texas!

Phil, Léo, Anne-Marie and Ash are taking Foundation on the road again.

On January 18-20 2019, you can meet the team and play the game at the Foundation booth in San Antonio, TX.

Best regards,
Your dedicated Polymorph Games Team


Foundation Dev News #3

In this edition of Foundation Dev News:

  • Second Content Update is LIVE!
  • Foundation Main Theme Music Reveal
  • Fall Promotional Discount
  • We welcome all the early backers
  • Join us at the MEGA

The Second Content Update is now LIVE!!

We are excited to announce that the Second Content Update has gone live!

This update contains, new content and features including:

  • New functioning Monument buildings (Bailiffs Office, Tax Collector and more!)
  • New production buildings (Beekeeper, Weaponsmith and more!)
  • New quest and mission systems!
  • New Mountain Map

And of course the update also contains many bug fixes and balancing tweaks but this is only the tip of the iceberg!

You can see the full changelog here!

Main Theme Music Reveal!

Our composers have been working hard to create the atmospheric Medieval Foundation sound. Many broken Lutes, Citoles and Gitterns later we now have a beautiful Main Theme for Foundation.

Check out the Foundation Main Theme Reveal:


Foundation Fall Discount!

Interested in playing Foundation or looking to buy a second key* as that perfect gift? We have you covered!

For a limited time Foundation will be on sale! Get Instant Access to the Alpha and find out what all the hype is about for yourself!

This promotional offer ends November 28.

Get access to the Fall Promotional Discount via our Website: https://www.polymorph.games/

*Second key purchase will enable an invite option via your Polymorph Games account

Peasant & Commoner Backers Access Arrives

We would like to welcome the arrival of the last of our early backers!

As promised all Peasant and Commoner backers will be receiving an email soon with instructions on how to gain access to Foundation and the standalone installer.

Join the Foundation discussions on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/z5Hu4MN

It’s time for MEGA!

As previously mentioned, on November 9, 10, 11, we’ll be attending our first public exposition in Montreal! We will also be joined by the 2 lucky winners of our Facebook competition who will get the chance to say hi! Congrats!!

We will have 3 stations for you to try Foundation, as well as some merchandise to sell!

MEGA 2018 - November 9, 10, 11

Final Words

We would like to say a big thank you to all our Alpha backers for your help and feedback!

Thank you all for being the best community ever!! You are truly helping us make Foundation the best Medieval City Builder in the universe!

Best regards,
Your dedicated Polymorph Games Team


Second Content Update: Alpha


  • Housing upgrade can be managed globally and individually
  • Increase splendour given by building a market
  • Add Bailiff Feature
  • Add Tax Collector function
  • Add Portrait To Villagers
  • Improved Estate Progression
  • Improved Balancing
  • Improved Need Filling
  • Add New Events
  • Church Capacity now considered
  • Villagers can now be sent to the Monastery
  • Add Functionalities to Keep
  • Add new Quest Types
  • Resources can now be stockpiled
  • Add a Workplace Window with a all production buildings
  • Hunters can’t hunt in small tree forests
  • Add Traditional Chinese and Korean support
  • Improve path finding: villagers can use more than one building entrance
  • Add a loading screen
  • Display how many villagers lacks a certain resource type
  • Improve error handling when loading a mod with errors
  • New way to setup resource accepted in warehouses
  • Speed up trading resource amount when holding mouse press on + or –
  • Doubled berries production
  • Integrate the war event when having a Keep
  • new coastal/mountain map
  • Auto-Save enable/disable option
  • Edge Scrolling enable/disable option


  • Add a Mods menu to enable/disable mods
  • Mods can declare new languages
  • Mods can declare new balancing
  • Mods can declare new Trading Village
  • Documentation can be found here : https://www.polymorph.games/foundation/modding
  • fix: crash when building a keep
  • fix: estate information is now saved properly
  • you can now publish your mods through https://foundation.mod.io/ which are then accessible ingame
  • mods published on mod.io are accessible through the main menu
  • a demo mod is now accessible


  • Fix: Villagers were sometimes stuck to market
  • Fix: Markets now indicate their sells after a reload
  • Fix: Trader selling and buying quantity should now reflect values set by the player
  • Fix: Bakery production is now fixed
  • Fix: Construction visual of the well.
  • Fix: Iron Mine would not produce any iron ore
  • Fix: Quest about placing village center would not resolve
  • Fix: Slow unhappiness stacking when upgrading house
  • Fix: Warehouse capacity display
  • Fix: zoning crash on previous savegames
  • Fix: road sign construction
  • Fix: door attachable on Church, Rustic Church and Rustic Lord Manor
  • Fix: add construction step and building zones to Rustic Lord Manor
  • Fix: improve performance by reducing navmesh refresh
  • Fix: crash when building a church containing certain part
  • Fix: female character was offsetting or turning invisible
  • Fix: crash when destroying a warehouse in specific context
  • Fix: merchant texture
  • Fix: monk would not go to the monastery production buildings
  • Fix: monk visual restored on loading
  • Fix: inventory in the top toolbar now displays stock in markets
  • Fix: fishing boat are now grounded
  • Fix: prevent worker assignation from the workplace list view when workplace is full
  • Fix: improve transport logic
  • Fix: workers may get stuck after loading a game due to behaviour reinitialization
  • Fix: trader buying too much resource
  • Fix: reserved resource double consumption (had no impact on the game)
  • Restored Forager work cycle duration to 30sec.
  • Game Highest Speed has been reduced to x3 which is the initial intended max speed.
  • Optimize zone painting for improved performance
  • Activate Level 2 Music when Commoner status is reached
  • compressed save games
  • update localization
  • improve building entrances path
  • unlock zone residential once housing is unlocked
  • add farm view
  • add “clear crop field button”
  • nerf berries work cycle duration
  • tweak weapon smith
  • tweak resource on trading villages
  • can no longer change monk job
  • add cost to Rustic Lord Manor
  • add splendour to Rustic Lord Manor
  • add angles to Rustic Church parts
  • hide large map padding




Foundation Dev News #2

Today we are bringing you news on the release date of the Second Content Update.

We are also announcing a small delay to the Steam Early Access, don’t worry though as we have a surprise for Peasant and Commoner backers.

And finally a chance to join us at our first public exposition! 🎉

Second Content Update Release Date News!

Yes, you read that headline right! We have been working hard, with help from the community, to address bugs from the preview build. New content is being added and it is all being polished, along with a few balancing tweaks before the release.

We’re sure you are all wanting to know the release date, so without further ado…

Second Content Update Released November 7!

Early Access Delayed to Q1 2019

Firstly we would like to say thank you for your enthusiasm and reaction to Foundation!

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback and great suggestions from you, and this is helping us to improve the game. There’s still much to do and with this in mind…

We have decided to delay the Early Access on Steam until the first quarter of 2019.

This will allow us to address much of the community feedback, polish the visuals and improve the overall experience of the game before making it to the big league!

The delay to Early Access does not mean that you have to wait to play Foundation. You can still buy and play the Alpha via our website. All pledge levels will also receive a Steam Key  when Foundation is released on Early Access.

All Peasant & Commoner Backers get Access to the Alpha

The delay to the Early Access does not mean that our EA backers will miss out though. We promised access to all Peasant and Commoner pledges in Q4 2018 and with the Second Content Update we will show our commitment to our words and our backers.

This journey would have been impossible without you and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on Foundation!

On release of the Second Content Update all early backers will receive an email with instructions on how to gain access to Foundation and the standalone installer.

You can join our Discord server now: https://discordapp.com/invite/z5Hu4MN

We’re going to the MEGA!

On November 9, 10, 11, we’ll be attending our first public exposition in Montreal! We will have 3 stations for you to try Foundation, as well as some merchandise to sell! If you are in the area, come say hi!

MEGA 2018 - November 9, 10, 11

Final Words

Thank you as always for your continued support and feedback!

To all the players, backers, media producers and the community as a whole:

Best regards,
Your dedicated Polymorph Games Team


Minor Update: Alpha

Hi folks! We just published a new minor update. Here is the release note:

– Villagers will mostly use building entrance instead of going through walls
– Builders will be able to build a Monument if at least one building part is reachable
– Use some OpenGL 4.5 features when available
– Support OpenGL 4.3
– Stop the game and warn the user if Windows creates an OpenGL context lower than 4.3


Dev News #1

Hello everyone, welcome to our first Foundation Dev News!

It’s been two weeks since the Open Alpha is live and that new players can freely purchase the game and join our growing community. Since then, we did some update that fixed some crashes and helped supporting more PC configurations.

How can you play the game now

  • You can now purchase the game and get access to the Alpha now. Buy here!
  • If you pre-ordered the Early Access (Commoner or Peasant backer), you can upgrade your pledge to get access to the Open Alpha! Just create your Backer Account and follow the “Pledge Upgrade” link from your Account.

We’ve moved into our new office

We’ve finally taken possession of our new (and huge) office downtown Quebec City. It feels a bit alone in there while waiting for our friend studio Bishop Games to move in, but the team appreciates the tranquility. Moreover, two new persons will join our team soon:

  • Starting next Monday, a new programmer will join us. He’ll be responsible to develop tools in the engine and game functionalities.
  • Mid-August, a new employee will act as Office Manager. Her role will be to alleviate our managing burden and allow us – the Co-Founders – to concentrate on what we’re best at: developing videogames 🙂

What we are working on

  • A first exhaustive list of all Buildings/Monuments, Jobs, Resources and Needs has been designed. How would you like your villagers to fish, hunt and grow hop to produce beer? Yes, this is but a small preview of what we’ve added to the list.
  • Two new core systems are being implemented:
    • The Estate System is how you will progress in Foundation. It will be divided in 3 paths: Kingdom, Clergy and Labour. You will need to develop your village splendor and gain influence to gain access to new buildings and functionalities.

The Lord Manor is part of the Labour Estate

    • The Event System will add narrative and unpredictability to the game.

An event mock-up

  • New buildings/monuments are being created and integrated by the artists.
  • Pathfinding is being improved: Monuments with inaccessible parts will still be allowed to be built. Also, villagers will now enter the buildings by their proper entrance.
  • UI upscale for 4K screens is being implemented.

A roadmap so you can keep track of  the project

It was long due, and we did it, our first roadmap iteration has been created on Trello. Keep track on what we are working on and what’s to come by following the link: https://trello.com/b/i5AX944p/foundation-roadmap

You can help us translate Foundation in your language

That’s right, Foundation can support your native language and you can help us with that here:  https://crwd.in/foundation. If your native language is not in there, feel free to contact us at support@polymorph.games so we can add it!

New Community Content

Popular Youtube Videos

Some of the most popular videos made since the Open Alpha:

In English – Xterminator

In French – Bill Silverlight

In Russian – KerneX

Original Player Creations

For those who own the game, don’t hesitate to share your creations in our Discord #share_your_creations channel! Not on our Discord yet? Get the invite directly from your Polymorph Games account.

Foundation Open Alpha is playable now

Don’t forget that you can purchase the game and play the Alpha right now here: Buy now!

If you pre-ordered the Early Access (Commoner or Peasant backer), you can upgrade your pledge to get access to the Open Alpha! Just create your Backer Account and follow the “Pledge Upgrade” link from your Account.

That’s it for now! Thank you for reading and all the best from the Dev Team!


Join us!

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