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Patch is now available

Greetings everyone!

The game has just been updated to version Here’s the highlights:


  • Newcomers will now properly spread around the Village Center
  • Removed the cloister condition of having a connected entrance
  • Layout for the What’s New window has been slightly adjusted
  • Updated localization

Bug Fixes

  • The initial warning window would not go away even if you checked the ‘do not remind me’ box
  • SSAO with specific hardware wasn’t working properly
  • The Automated Fountain masterpiece wasn’t displaying its name in the build menu
  • Snapping points of compatible parts weren’t reset after changing a sub-building function
  • The / month string (from the taxation toggle) wasn’t localized (is now / #MONTH)
  • The underline from tax tracking was removed after a change in the amount of coins
  • Interactive locations were being used even though buildings/buildings parts weren’t built
  • The Unlock the Merchandise Taxes on Market Stalls text was displaying 0 days left

Crash fixes

  • Crash related to having a Military Fort without an entrance
  • Crash related to monks arriving at a Hospitium
  • Other rare crash fixes


  • Exposed PlaCCompWarehouseSetuper

As always, we are more than happy to read your feedback about this new patch. Head over to our Discord channel if you want to chime in!


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