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Modding Mondays Episode 5 : House Additions V4

Hello everyone!

This week, we’re back with a fifth episode in our Modding Mondays series.

Foundation is a medieval city building game. Therefore, its buildings are at the heart of the gameplay. We can think of them as characters for the game who are all working together to give it a unique identity.

Something that truly inspired Vjraymon, a former IT professional who discovered his passion for modding through a co-worker. With House Addition V4, his goal was to offer more variety with Foundation’s architecture.

Modding new buildings for a city builder seemed like a no-brainer. I first added them to the so-called organic house system of the game, then I took inspiration from the Vanioville mod created by Arthas to populate them manually.


Here’s what the mod has to offer in terms of new possibilities for residential zoning:

  • Green house (4 slots)
  • Red Wine House (6 slots)
  • Red House (6 slots)
  • Charcoal House (6 slots)
  • Two Stories Charcoal House (8 slots)
  • One Story Red House (6 slots)
  • Yellow House (6 slots)

Another mod from Vjraymon allows you to manually place the new houses in your village, which is very interesting. As a reminder, Foundation villagers build houses by themselves in residential painted areas on your territory. The end result is entirely organic.

Like others before him, Vjraymon learned how to code mostly on his own, but also with the help of the community and developers here at Polymorph Games.

I learned to code in Lua with Foundation. At the beginning, I used examples provided with the game in addition to the help of Maxime and the modder Helron.


Today, this creator has more than 20 mods to his name. His biggest wish for the future of modding with Foundation? Being able to mod character animations beyond what we currently offer, i.e. move, rotate and scale.

Download House Addition V4 now!


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