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The 1.9.3 Decorations & Action Bar Update Is Now Available!

Hello Lords & Ladies! 

A new update has just been released. The two main features are decorations availability and action bar (HUD) improvements. Without further ado, let’s see what this means for Foundation.

Common Decorations

Starting with 1.9.3, common decorative parts are made available for all monuments regardless of their previous limitations. In other words, you can now customize monuments with more freedom. Decorations have been grouped into different categories in the build panel for better understanding. The intended goal is to open up more customization possibilities for your villages. 

Common Decorations in the build menu
Decorations grouping in the build panel

As a reminder, common decorations are not only for looks either: they provide a very useful desirability bonus, encouraging villagers to upgrade their houses. Furthermore, common decorations provide beautification, which is taken into account for prosperity—a score that represents your overall progress in the game. Estate and monument-specific decorations, on the other end, provide splendor instead of beautification and desirability.

In summary:

  • Common decorations are available for each monument and from the build menu
  • Estate decorations are available across all monuments from the same Estate
  • Monument decorations are for parts that only work for a specific monument

Action Bar (HUD) Improvements

In past versions of the game, mandates were enacted at the Manor House with the help of a special button. Alternatively, you could click on a specific opportunity in your quest module to enact mandates. Starting with 1.9.3, a shortcut for mandates has been added to the action bar at the bottom of the screen. Clicking this icon will bring up all available mandates, allowing faster access to this feature. 

While on the topic of action bar improvements, we also added a shortcut to village aspirations. Clicking on the trophy icon brings all available village aspirations—optional objectives you can aim for while building your medieval village. Village aspirations will appear in the quest module once you start tracking at least one of them. Please note that the Village Aspirations shortcut previously found in the system menu has been removed.

Illustrations Galore

Update 1.9.3 features plenty of updated–⁠and in some cases, completely new–colorful ⁠illustrations to breathe life into Foundation events.

We hope you enjoy your time with this newest update. Stay tuned for more details on upcoming content for Foundation.



  • Common decorations are now accessible for all monuments
  • An extensive collection (100+) of new and improved illustrations for events
  • Added two buttons to the action bar
    • Mandates 
    • Village Aspirations
  • Added help topics in the Help (F10) menu
    • Hunting
    • Bridges
    • Motion sickness
    • Useful shortcuts
  • The game now has its own icon

Game Balance

  • Moved tombstones (decoration) from tier 2 to tier 1 of the Clergy progression path


  • Advices from the quest module now display a New prefix, for example New Advice: Increase Taxation
  • When using more than one monitor, players can now choose which one will display the game (fullscreen mode)


  • Batch of unlockables’ icons
  • Localization


  • Villager statuses and profiles now have gendered fields. Therefore, we removed statuses and profiles related to nuns. To convert your mods, read the official documentation here
  • GAME_ACTION_DELIVER_RESOURCE now has a BudgetCategory property


  • Removed a line from the Book which was displayed before Estates were unlocked
  • Switching tabs of the Book after deleting a privilege reactivated it and stopped players from removing it again
  • Death finds a way: right-clicking on tombstone window wouldn’t close it
  • Dead soldiers were listed as newcomers and still counted for the village’s total population
  • Bailiff selection window wasn’t closing on a right-click

Experimental Branch April Update

Hello everyone!

Foundation’s experimental branch has just been updated. Below you will find a changelog with all the details about what’s included.

If you’re interested to give this version of the game a try, here’s how:

  • Open Steam
  • Right-click on Foundation from your game library
  • Click Properties
  • Click Betas
  • Choose experimental_tavern_taxation from the dropdown menu
  • Reload your game


Game Balance


  • Increased Bakery’s Bread output from 8 to 9
  • Increased Brewery’s Beer output from 2 to 3
  • Doubled the Beer Brewery’s intput storage
  • Reduced Butchery’s Meat output from 5 to 4


  • Swapped Myddle’s Boar for Grapes
  • Reordered Northbury’s resources

Meat production

  • Increased Butcher Boar input storage from 10 to 20
  • Increased Hunter’s Hut production cycle from 20 to 30 (pre-prototype value)


  • Increased selling of Cloth from 1 to 2
  • Increased buying of Cloth from 3 to 4


  • Reduced Wool output of Sheep Farm from 3 to 2 (pre-prototype)
  • Reduced Wool input of Weaver Hut from 4 to 3
  • Adjusted Wool storage input of Weaver Hut from 40 to 30

Clothing production

  • Reverted cycle time to pre-prototype
  • Increased Wool production at Sheep Farm from 2 to 3
  • Increased Wool cost at Weaver from 1 to 4
  • Increased Weaver and Tailor input storage to 40

Common wares production

  • Reverted to 1 cycle of 30s instead of 2 cycles of 20s

Tier 2 upkeeps

  • Reduced Wheat Farm Worker upkeep from 2 to 1 coins per worker
  • Reduced Sheep Farm Worker upkeep from 3 to 1 coins per worker
  • Reduced Weaver Hut Worker upkeep from 3 to 2 coins per worker
  • Reduced Stonemason base upkeep from 10 to 8 coins
  • Reduced Tailor base upkeep from 10 to 8 coins
  • Reduced Wheat Farm base upkeep from 5 to 4 coins
  • Increased Bakery base upkeep from 5 to 7 coins
  • Increased Windmill base upkeep from 5 to 6 coins

Bread production

  • Increased Farm’s Wheat value per gather to 0.065
  • Increased Bread output at Bakery from 9 to 12
  • Increased Windmill’s cycle time from 15s to 30s
  • Doubled Windmill’s recipe from 4 Wheat to 1 Flour to 8 Wheat to 2 Flour


  • Replaced Myddle’s Flour for Beer

Taxation advanced onboarding

  • Increased minimum coins from 100 to 200 for the taxation onboarding

Tools advanced onboarding

  • Removed Warehouse storage condition for the NoTools onboarding


  • Meal icon
  • Berry Brew icon
  • Kingstone Abbey heraldry
  • Levy Mandate illustration


  • Bailiff selection didn’t take villager status into account
  • Common Resources mod prevented houses from being built
  • The ‘Gain influence with one Estate’ and ‘Revise one Estate Privilege’ wouldn’t let players choose the Clergy or Kingdom options

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