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The 1.9.1. Update is now available!

Greetings Lords & Ladies! 

Update 1.9.1 has just been released on Steam & GOG. Here’s what you need to know:

The Map Generator is Now Public! 

First and foremost, the experimental map generator is now part of Foundation’s public build. Everyone can now discover the joys of building a village on a procedurally generated map. Choose from one of the three available topographies (Hills, Coastal, Fluvial), roll the dice and jump into an infinite number of maps, each with their own unique landscapes. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players who helped us with the map generator’s initial release in the beta branch about three weeks ago. Also, quite a few things you asked for are already planned down the line! One such case relates to overly hilly maps, something we plan to mitigate with flattened “plains” clusters. 

Resources Tooltip: Now With More Details!

As part of our continued efforts to improve your medieval city-building experience, we added a detailed breakdown of each resource’s physical location in the resources tooltip. For instance, hovering over the wood icon will show you how much of that resource is currently available in storage, in production, in stalls or in transit. In a similar vein, if you have wood which is already in use, the tooltip will clue you in: it may be in production, in construction or in transit.

Delivery quest changes

The delivery quest window now clearly shows how much of the required resources are accumulated in your warehouses. Furthermore, reserved resources from your warehouses are now included in the calculation of the delivery quests. We also made it so reserved resources from your warehouses will now be cancelled in order to complete delivery quests.

Loading Screen Tips

You may have noticed new loading screen art, which has been added as part of the 1.9 update. From now on, this loading screen will be enhanced with easy to understand tips about some of Foundation’s best kept secrets. Our first batch includes 5 of them, with more to come. 

Update Notes

  • New: the map generator is now available for everyone! Three topographies are included in this beta version: hills, fluvial and coastal
  • New: resources tooltip details
  • New: loading screen tips
  • Balance: Monastery parts
  • Balance: traded resources
  • Fix: mineral deposits were sometimes unreachable
  • Fix: mineral deposits were sometimes falling into the ground
  • Fix: crane storage was sometimes displaying wrong values
  • Fix: the bonus effect of a Masterpiece only affected the sub-building it was built in. If it was built in the root of the parent building, none would benefit from the effect
  • Fix: when any privilege that modifies an upkeep cost was applied, the modifier only applied to the parent building’s parts and not the sub-buildings’
  • Fix: Lord Manor (Stone Office) had negative Desirability
  • QOL: delivery quest changes
  • QOL: added a yellow highlight when hovering another sub-building from the EDIT tab in the builder window
  • QOL: Bell Tower sound improvement (some large bell towers had the small bell tower sound effect)
  • Modding: couldn’t override TRADE_SETTINGS
  • QOL: updated localizations

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for further update news coming up in 2023.


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