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Modding Mondays Episode 2: Livestock Farms

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode in our Modding Mondays series. This is our way of highlighting popular, must-see Foundation mods created by the community. 

This week, our focus shifts to Livestock Farms from longtime fan and creator Batyushki.

Foundation is all about creating your own, custom medieval village powered by efficient production lines. In the base game (i.e. the vanilla version) animals act as resource producers in the dairy and sheep farm production buildings. Same goes for fishes in the fisher’s hut. Only horses aren’t bred or hunted for precious resources (phew!).

With his mod, Batyushki expanded upon the idea of farming in Foundation. As per the mod’s official description, it “adds more livestock types and provides the opportunity to raise them intensively or on pastures, with more realistic food and space requirements. You can also fully utilise each animal for meat, milk or wool.”

In this case, Batyushki took an already existing concept and pushed its boundaries, allowing players even more freedom in how they combine farming with their animals. 

Instead of being limited to producing only one specific resource, most animals now produce at least two. Cattle generate meat or milk, whilst sheep yield either meat, milk or wool. This is also true for the newly added goat, which produces meat or milk. However, there’s one exception: the pig only generates meat—but at a faster pace than any other livestock.

Livestock Farms is all about giving you more flexibility to create believable farms in your Foundation village. One way to achieve this is with the rail fencing available from the walls menu. Newly added buildings such as the butcher’s shop, the creamery and the chandlery all synergize very well to deliver a rich, fun experience. 

Livestock Farms is an excellent choice to bring more variety to the game and we can’t recommend it enough!

Download Livestock Farms now!


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