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Devlog #18: Dev News, Spring Sale & Bundle

Hi everyone and welcome to Devlog #18! 

We would first like to say a big (belated) welcome to 2024! This year the game marked its 5th year in Early Access and we have come a long way in those 5 years. There have been big changes to the game and we are powering through the final stretch to the full release of Foundation!

What we are working on right now

What are we working on is always the question we like to answer. The answer to this is nearly everything! The main theme of course is getting the game and all the planned content complete and ready for the full release and end of Early Access.

Some of the things we are currently working on include:

  • Map Edges – time to remove those hard-on-the-eyes map edges
  • The Castle – We know this is the one you are all waiting for!
  • Walls and Fortifications – Walls will have a cost to build like everything else but will also be part of the wider gameplay mechanics
  • Military Gameplay Improvements – Tied into the walls and fortifications, several changes are being worked on, such as setting patrols and creating “companies”
  • The Whole Art Direction –  including fully overhauled buildings as well as major environmental improvements
  • Monument Design Experience – Adding capabilities such as the ability to replace parts and move an entire monument, as well as a full user interface revamp

Oh! And of course Housing and Residential improvements and changes. A lot of work is going on to get the Housing visuals where we want them to be, as well as bring in the 3rd tier high-density residential. The biggest factor is having the housing look authentically medieval within our style setting but ultimately give housing that wow factor!

Residential concept art

Due to the work-in-progress state of current development, we aren’t quite ready to show too much of what we have been working on, partly to not spoil a bigger reveal announcement but also due to things just not being polished and ready quite yet.

We are aware that you want to hear more and you will soon! Look out for a big announcement coming in the next few months!

Early Access Updates

Some of you may be wondering when the game will receive a new update. As previously announced, the next major update will be the end of Early Access and the Full Release of the game. We do not plan to release any more updates between now and the full release. 

With the final development at full steam ahead, the whole team is dedicated to completing the game, polishing the rough edges and presenting to you the Foundation that we imagined and that you want.

We can’t wait to show you the result of all the hard work and share the date of the full release. 

Watch this space!

Steam Spring Sale: Buy Foundation at a Discounted Price!

If you haven’t got the game yet why not take advantage of the Steam Spring Sale?! Get Foundation with a 25% Discount, right now!

Medieval Foundation Bundle

In a first for us, we are proud to announce our first-ever Bundle offer in the form of the Medieval Foundation Bundle

We are honored to collaborate with the team behind Medieval Dynasty to offer an additional 10% OFF when you buy the bundle or complete the set.

That’s all for now but we’ll be sharing more news in the coming months and in the meantime please keep sharing any feedback and bug reports on our official Discord server.

The Polymorph Games Team


The 1.9.7 QOL Update is Live!

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that the 1.9.7 QOL update is now available on Steam & GOG!

1.9.7 is the first of our Quality of Life (QOL) updates as we work toward the game’s Full Release. For more information on the recent change to our release plan, check out the link at the bottom of this announcement.

Your feedback is very important to us and we have looked to address some of the most requested QOL features in this update, as well as further improvements we have been planning. Let’s dive right in and take a look at what you will find in the 1.9.7 QOL update…

Interior Access

Previous to 1.9.7, some monument buildings required a separate door, which could limit creativity and also did not make sense for a monument as a whole. Now, with 1.9.7 buildings will check interior access to the whole building, meaning that a single door could be enough. For example, an entrance to your treasury could be part of an attached Great Hall.

Furthermore, so that you can check that your buildings are accessible, we have added a handy toggleable tool that will clearly show when your buildings have interior access, letting you know if they are fully navigable or not.

Buildings Function Status

Buildings now have a clear function status with feedback to the player that will indicate when they can no longer work if one of their construction requirements is missing. Restoring the condition will resume the workplace.

Ghost Construction Preview

Another much-requested feature was the ability to see your ongoing construction sites when placing new buildings. Now in 1.9.7, all other buildings under construction will show as ghost visualizations, making for much easier placement of new construction projects or when editing Monuments.

Improved Construction Flow

One issue frequently raised in the community centered around how builders were affecting the construction flow. Previously, builders would be sent to construction sites based on their proximity to a site. This could cause projects to be completed in an unexpected order making it hard to plan.

With 1.9.7, builders will now prioritize constructions based on the order in which they were started making it easier to plan your projects. We have also improved the algorithm so that builders will be dispatched more evenly between different types of construction projects so that all your builders don’t get tied up on any mega-projects.

Traveling and Work Time

We have now removed the villager’s travel time from their overall work time, enabling your villagers to use their work time more effectively. For instance, crop yields and production cycles will be more consistent, despite any long distances your villagers may have to walk to get to work.

Villagers require to fulfill their needs of course, so efficiency can still be lost with large work-to-needs fulfillment distances.

Improved Map Generator

We have made some major improvements in 1.9.7 with an overhauled Map Generator. You’ll find improved visuals and shaders making it much easier to identify elevations on the Map Gen minimap.

Additionally, we have addressed a couple of bugs and implemented further improvements, so that you should no longer encounter any micro-territories or broken territories on your maps nor find any inaccessible mineral deposits.

Resource Favorites

This one has been at the top of many of your feature requests… It is now possible to choose your favorite resources to add to the Resource Bar! Mark as many favorites as you wish in the resource window of the Book.

The Monastic Emissary & Mandate Window

A new building function has been added to the Monastery! The Emissary Office will employ a Sister or Brother in the role of Emissary (similar to the Bailiff role), dealing with Clergy privileges and mandates. Consequently, we have also revamped the Mandate Window to take into account the new Emissary role.

Housing Upgrades/Downgrades

When a House is upgraded or downgraded, it would previously revert to its foundation construction stage and could easily be mistaken for a brand-new house. To remove this potential confusion, houses will downgrade or upgrade to a later construction step, making it more clear what tier of housing it is, as well as no longer looking like a fresh construction.

And More!

Indeed! There’s more! We have a bunch of bug fixes coming with the 1.9.7 QOL update. You can check out the full changelog below.



  • Added Interior Access visualization and construction toggle
  • Players can now specify their favorite resources in the top resource bar
  • Added a Bailiff option for the Monastery: The Monastic Emissary, a Brother/Sister working at the Emissary Office
  • Ghosts of buildings under construction are now displayed when you are in Construction/Edit mode


  • Construction sites are now prioritized by start time, not by closest distance
  • Workers should go to their workplace before starting their work time
  • Display attach node only when snap mode is toggled or part needs to be mandatory attached
  • The Market Monument has been turned into a building with parts instead of a Monument with sub-buildings.
  • Moved the Clergy Privilege and Clergy Influence mandates to the Monastic Emissary
  • Overall improvement of the Mandate window & tooltips
  • Improvements to monument attach nodes
  • House Upgrade/Downgrade transition improvements to show construction steps and not new build
  • Tavern Kitchen – worker quantity now scales with building capacity
  • Treasury – Gold coins are no longer lost when the maximum treasury limit is reduced
  • Various UI improvements


  • Soldiers – soldiers using the barracks as their houses could not fulfill their needs when the monument is being expanded.
  • Bailiff – Changing the bailiff resulted in the edict “contractual wage” to not be applied until reload.
  • Book – Logs – Newcomer notification was not updated “live”
  • Monument Editing – Display all possible attach nodes when a part is being placed / moved.
  • Cloister – Could not start construction if function was switched
  • Monument Editing – Prevent parts from being attached to house attach nodes.
  • Building Highlight – Sometimes, a building would remain highlighted even if the window is closed and the cursor is not on the part.
  • Mandate Window – The window did not close when the Great Hall was destroyed.
  • Deliver Wood Quest – Displayed requirement was 50 but required 100 to complete
  • Unlockables – Show part’s description when there is no building function
  • Missing Unlockable descriptions on Candle & Commonware extension
Map generator


  • Improved elevation texture visuals


  • It was possible to have a broken territory on specific generated map seeds
  • Some territory regions were too small
  • Some maps had unreachable village path exits
  • Some setting changes could create unwanted bumps on islands
  • Expose – COMP_BUILDING:getEditMode
  • Expose – Mandates
  • Territory Tooltip – Always shows “coins / week” even if resource is changed
  • Support buying from trade routes with certain condition
  • Updated modding wiki

We look forward to hearing any feedback and please let us know if you find any issues. Feedback and bugs can be posted on the Steam or GOG forums, or come and join us on our official Discord server.

Also, check out the recent announcement of a change to our release plan here.

The Polymorph Games Team


Important Changes to Our Release Plan

Hello everyone!

We have some important news to share with you today about the ongoing development of the game.

The final gameplan and core game is now at a stage where we can work towards a full release of the game. All of the major features still to come are being worked on simultaneously and are in most cases intertwined. Due to the way these features are reliant on each other it no longer makes sense to continue with our previous plan of releasing smaller updates that ultimately won’t work well as standalone features.

Due to this we have decided that the next major release will be the full release. This will allow us to focus on integrating all remaining features into the game and delivering a more polished, higher quality game. It will also have the added benefit of reaching the full release sooner so that you can get the best gaming experience and enjoy Foundation to its fullest.

We know you will all want to know how soon, however, we don’t have a release date to announce at this time as we still have plenty of work to do, but do know that development is progressing well. Foundation is an ambitious game, and we will of course keep you updated with any news as soon as we have more to share.

Early Access Adopters

For all our Early Access backers, this doesn’t mean we won’t be releasing any updates before the full release. On the contrary, we will continue to work on bug fixes as well as Quality of Life (QOL) features and improvements, based on community feedback, so that we can improve on the core game experience in preparation for the final release. With this in mind, we will be announcing our next QOL update soon!

A BIG Thank You!

Foundation’s development journey has been an unbelievable experience made so much better by all of you, the fantastic community, that has helped us along the way. We would like to thank every Early Access adopter for supporting us and helping us deliver a high quality game that we wanted to create and also one that you want to play for many years to come. We continue to welcome all feedback from the community and we can’t wait to unveil the full release of the game for you all to enjoy!

The Polymorph Games Team


The 1.9.6 Desirability Update Is Now Available!

Hello everyone and welcome to Update 1.9.6! 

This version brings forth significant changes to the game, including a brand-new Desirability and Beautification experience. We’ve also implemented multiple Quality of Life (QOL) improvements in response to community feedback such as the sub-building flow. Without further ado, let’s get down to the details!

New Desirability System

Desirability represents the overall attractiveness of an area within your village and is at the heart of this update. In the past, the Desirability of an area was quaternary: low, average, high or very high. We’re changing this formula to a more binary approach where you have a better control over housing quality.

Housing Quality

The first thing you’ll notice when clicking on a house are new Housing Quality details, the first one of which is to be located within a Residential Area. Furthermore, in order to upgrade, a house will need the following: 

  • Desirable Neighborhood (away from noisy and dirty environments)
  • Beautification Area (close to buildings or decorations that provide a Beautification bonus)
  • Villagers of Commoner status or higher looking for such a house
Housing Quality factors

Village Embellishment

As part of the new Desirability system, you’re now encouraged to beautify your village with the help of decorations. Decorations contribute to the creation of Beautification Areas, which are needed to upgrade houses from low to medium quality. 

Each decoration applies its own Beautification radius according to a combination of their visual footprint and quality. Adding multiple decorative elements next to each other will increase the Beautification Area by merging their area of effect.  

A new Beautification visibility layer has been added so that affected areas can be easily identified.

Beautification Areas merging and expanding

Housing Degradation

Housing Degradation is a new mechanic introduced in Update 1.9.6. Rather than being only able to upgrade, houses can now also degrade in quality. This happens when one of the criteria under Housing Quality is no longer met. Note that this is something you are able to control, when you decide if an area has the requirements for higher house quality or not.

Example of a housing requirement that is no longer met

Changes to Needs

Foundation was always meant to remain a calm and pleasant experience where you can play at your own pace, so it was important for us to ease down a bit the pressure of filling the needs of your villagers, especially when you have your first Commoners.  As such, we’ve separated the Needs in two main categories:

  • Essential Needs – must be fulfilled, else they trigger a shortage leading to a Happiness penalty
  • Additional Needs – will not trigger a shortage unless they’ve been fulfilled once

This will allow you to progress at your own pace, without the pressure of your villagers leaving because of unfilled needs. Note that once filled once, the additional needs will trigger a shortage if they are not met anymore.

In the same vein, we’ve reduced the amount of information displayed in the villager window, to keep the most relevant information.

Essential and additional needs grouping introduced in 1.9.6

Other Improvements

Improved Monument and Sub-Building Experience

Following player feedback, we’ve made a number of changes taking aim at monuments and sub-buildings’ navigation.

New monument windows

Resources and Progression Tabs Modifications

The Resources tab (F3) from the Book has been simplified for easier identification of tradeable resources. Icons to purchase and sell resources are now disabled by default and only enabled if players have access to a trade route that either purchases or sells said resource.

Updated Resources window

You will also notice that the Splendor cost of each Estate unlockable from the Progression tab (F5) is now displayed in their tooltip, even if the requirements have not been reached yet.

Great Hall Influence cost

If you haven’t already, give our latest Devlog a read if you want to learn more about what’s next for Foundation.



  • Houses now have House Quality requirements to upgrade, which are displayed in their building window: 
    • Desirable Neighborhood
    • Beautification Area
    • Villager of Commoner (or above) status looking for such a house
  • Tooltips have been added to the the house window UI
  • Buildings providing Beautification now have a Beautification Area. The range is based on the decoration’s Beautification value and its visual footprint
  • Noisy or filthy buildings can create an undesirable area, which affects Neighborhood Desirability. Such is the case for the following: 
    • Brewery
    • Butchery
    • Cheesemaker
    • Charcoal Hut
    • Dairy Farm
    • Fisher’s Hut
    • Gold Smelter
    • Hunter’s Hut
    • Iron Smelter
    • Quarries
    • Sawmill
    • Sheep Farm
    • Stonecutter Camp
    • Stonemason Hut
  • Upgraded houses can now revert to a prior level if their Desirability requirements are not met. This happens after reaching a deadline and only if players don’t remedy to the situation
  • Added the following visual filters:
    • Beautification
    • Undesirable Neighborhood
  • Needs are now split into two categories:
    • Essential Needs (must be fulfilled)
    • Additional Needs (facultative)
  • Contextual help
    • Housing Quality
    • Beautification
    • Prosperity
  • Help menu:
    • Beautification
  • Important notification : Equipping your soldiers


  • Renamed the “Comfort” need to “Housing”
  • Localization
  • Help menu
    • Desirability
    • Housing


Legacy Desirability (House Placement)

  • Pre-1.9.6 Desirability (Legacy Desirability) has been specialized into a system that dictates Villagers where to settle
  • Beautification no longer provides Legacy Desirability
  • The following buildings provide Legacy Desirability:
    • Village Center
    • Churches (except Chapel and Abbatial Churches)
    • Market Stalls
    • Tavern’s Service Counter
    • Well
  • Villagers now follow these rules:
    • They settle in Residential Areas
    • They settle close to the Village Center
    • They aim to settle close to Need providers
    • They aim to settle close to their Workplaces
  • The Desirability Visibility layer has been removed

Decorations’ Costs & Effects

  • As Beautification Decorations no longer provide Legacy Desirability; costs and Beautification values have been modified:
    • Village Tree Beautification value has been increased from 1 to 2
    • Village Tree upfront cost has been increased from 7 to 20 coins
    • Tall Banner upfront cost has been reduced from 25 to 20 coins
    • Fountain upfront cost has been reduced from 330 to 320 coins
    • Plant Arch upfront cost has been reduced from 82 to 80 coins
    • Knight Statue upfront cost has been reduced to 320 coins
    • Sheep Statue upfront cost has been reduced from 325 to 320 coins
    • Cypress upfront cost has been reduced from 47 to 45 coins
    • Large Wall Banner upfront cost has been reduced from 90 to 80 coins
    • Polished Stone Arch upfront cost has been reduced from 50 to 45 coins
    • Stone Gateway upfront cost has been reduced from 85 to 80 coins
    • Stone Arch upfront cost has been reduced from 25 to 20 coins
    • Grand Fountain upfront cost has been reduced from 730 to 720 coins
    • Elegant Fountain upfront cost has been reduced from 255 to 245 coins
    • Marble Basin upfront cost has been reduced from 415 to 405 coins
    • Elegant Stone Arch upfront cost has been reduced from 130 to 125 coins
    • Polished Fountain upfront cost has been reduced from 135 to 125 coins
    • Elegant Tree Planter upfront cost has been reduced from 82 to 80 coins
    • Large Tree Planter upfront cost has been reduced from 127 to 125 coins
    • Elegant Post upfront cost has been reduced from 47 to 45 coins
    • Polished Basin upfront cost has been reduced from 135 to 125 coins
    • Large Font Beautification value has been decreased from 6 to 4
    • Large Font upfront cost has been reduced from 190 to 80 coins
    • Small Font upfront cost has been reduced from 190 to 180 coins
    • Elegant Balustrade upfront cost has been reduced from 47 to 45 coins
    • Simple Tree Planter upfront cost has been reduced from 22 to 20 coins
    • Polished Planter upfront cost has been reduced from 22 to 20 coins
    • Wall Fountain Beautification value has been increased from 2 to 5
    • Wall Fountain upfront cost has been increased from 25 to 125 coins
    • Quatrefoil Basin upfront cost has been reduced from 50 to 45 coins

Masterpiece Beautification

  • Masterpiece parts now yield Beautification in addition to Splendor at no extra cost
  • Automated Fountain
    • Automaton Tower, Columns yields 1 point
    • Marble Basin yields 1 point
    • Marble Steps yields 1 point
    • Automation Tower, Spire yields 1 point
    • Automaton Tower, Fountain yields 1 point
    • Bird Automaton yields 1 points
    • Jacquemart yields 2 points
  • Fountain Sculpture
    • Fountain Pedestal, Quatrefoil yields 1 point, plus 1 point per tiling
    • Fountain Pedestal, Hexagonal yields 1 point, plus 1 point per tiling
    • Axe Lady, Gold yields 3 points
    • Laborer, Gold yields 3 points
    • Shoveler, Gold yields 3 points
    • Pickman, Gold yields 3 points
    • Axe Lady, Marble yields 2 points
    • Laborer, Marble yields 2 points
    • Laborer, Gold yields 2 points
    • Shoveler, Gold yields 2 points
    • Quatrefoil Basin yields 2 points
    • Octogonal Basin yields 2 points
  • Gem Encrusted Cross
    • Large Pedestal, Hexagonal yields 1 point, plus 1 point per tiling
    • Small Pedestal, Hexagonal yields 1 point, plus 1 point per tiling
    • Small Pedestal, Square yields 1 point, plus 1 point per tiling
    • Large Pedestal, Square yields 1 point, plus 1 point per tiling
    • Cross of the Faith yields 10 points
    • Stepped Base, Hexagonal yields 2 points
    • Stepped Base, Square yields 2 points
  • Knight Statue
    • Octogonal Plinth yields 2 points
    • Octogonal Pedestal yields 1 point
    • Small Octogonal Pedestal yields 1 point
    • Alcoved Pedestal yields 1 point
    • Square Plinth yields 2 points
    • Large Pedestal, Square yields 1 point per tiling
    • Blue Banner, Swallowtail yields 1 point
    • The Vainquisher, Gold yields 5 points
    • The Peacekeeper, Marble yields 3 points
    • Small Bowmen, Marble yields 2 points
    • Small Knight, Marble yields 2 points
    • Blue Banner, Round yields 1 point
  • Lush Garden
    • Stone Pillar yields 1 point per tiling
    • Stone Basin yields 1 point per tiling
    • Bush Pergola yields 1 point
    • Royal Balm Bush yields 1 point
    • Stone Planter, Quatrefoil yields 1 point
    • Pear Tree yields 1 point
    • Plum Tree yields 1 point
    • Almond Tree yields 1 point
    • Stone Planter, Diamond yields 1 point
    • Almond Espalier yields 1 point
    • Plum Bush yields 1 point
    • Stone Fountain yields 1 point
    • Ogive Bush yields 1 point
    • Oval Bush yields 1 point
    • Roses Pergola yields 1 point
    • Round Bush yields 1 point
    • Stone Planter, Round yields 1 point
    • Stone Bench yields 1 point
  • Officinal Garden
    • Sunvines Planter yields 1 point
    • Tailor’s Tongue Planter yields 1 point
    • Treillis Fence yields 1 point
    • Royal Balm yields 1 point
    • Cleansing Fountain yields 1 point
    • Sunvines Pergola yields 1 point
    • Crossmint and Pennybane Planter yields 1 point
    • Cattlegold Planter yields 1 point
    • Rainmilk and Tailor’s Tongue Planter yields 1 point
    • Knightworth Planter yields 1 point
    • Seeling Planter yields 1 point
    • Royal Balm Planter yields 1 point
    • Crossmint Planter yields 1 point
    • Rainmilk Planter yields 1 point
  • Shrine
    • Stone Alcove, Wide yields 1 point
    • Stone Alcove, Narrow yields 1 point
    • Marble Altar, Wide yields 1 point
    • Marble Alter, Narrow yields 1 point
    • Votive Candle yields 1 point
    • Votive Candles yields 1 point
    • Indigo Spire Flower yields 1 point
    • Fragrant Bouquet yields 1 point
    • Pleasant Bouquet yields 1 point
    • Cardinal’s Robe Flower yields 1 point
    • Sunvines Cluster yields 1 point
    • The Mother of Peace, Marble and Gold yields 10 points
    • Stone Steps yields 1 point
    • Stone Bench yields 1 point
    • Votive Stone yields 1 point
  • Majestic Stained Glass
    • King and Monk, Stained Glass yields 15 points
    • Mother and Child, Stained Glass yields 15 points
  • Giant Gate
    • Buttress yields 1 point
    • Fortified Gatehouse yields 5 points, plus 1 point per tiling
    • Round Turret yields 1 point
    • Great Tower, Rounded yields 3 points
    • Great Tower, Squared yields 3 points
    • Watchtower yields 1 point
    • Wooden Brattice yields 1 point
    • Stone Brattice yields 1 point
    • Wooden Hoarding yields 1 point
    • Stone Gate yields 1 point
    • Small Window, Closed yields 1 point
    • Small Window yields 1 point
    • Small Window, Fortified yields 1 point
    • Wall Banner, Blue yields 1 point
    • Wall Flag, Blue yields 1 point
    • Wall Heraldic, Blue yields 1 point
    • Wall Heraldic, Spliced yields 1 point
    • Wall Heraldic, Splits yields 1 point
    • Wall Heraldic, Striped yields 1 point
    • Lancet Window yields 1 point
    • Porticullis yields 1 point
  • Stone Bridge
    • Beautification values have been removed from the Stone Bridge structure (its decorations still yield Beautification)

Masterpieces’ Costs, Splendor & Ordering

  • Golden Cross
    • Large Pedestal, Hexagonal base Splendor yield has been reduced to 2 Splendor
    • Large Pedestal, Hexagonal base Tools cost has been reduced to 5 Tools
    • Large Pedestal, Hexagonal base Upkeep value has been reduced to 2 Coins
    • Small Pedestal, Hexagonal base Marble cost has been reduced to 10 Marble
    • Small Pedestal, Hexagonal base Tools cost has been reduced to 5 Tools
    • Small Pedestal, Hexagonal tiling Tools cost has been reduced to 5 Tools
    • Small Pedestal, Square base Marble cost has been reduced to 10 Marble
    • Small Pedestal, Square base Tools cost has been reduced to 5 Tools
    • Small Pedestal, Square tiling Tools cost has been reduced to 5 Tools
    • Large Pedestal, Square base Splendor yield has been reduced to 2 Splendor
    • Large Pedestal, Square base Tools cost has been reduced to 5 Tools
    • Large Pedestal, Square base Upkeep value has been reduced to 2 Coins
    • Stepped Base, Hexagonal base Marble cost has been reduced to 40 Marble
    • Stepped Base, Square base Marble cost has been reduced to 40 Marble
    • Stepped Base, Hexagonal and Stepped Base, Square have been reordered before the other bases.
  • Knight Statue
    • Octagonal Plinth base Splendor is set to 2 Kingdom Splendor
    • Octagonal Plinth base Upkeep is set to 2 coins
    • Octagonal Plinth base Marble cost has been reduced to 30 Marble
    • Octagonal Plinth base Tools cost has been reduced to 5 Tools
    • Octagonal Pedestal base Splendor is set to 1 Kingdom Splendor
    • Octagonal Pedestal base Upkeep is set to 2 coins
    • Octagonal Pedestal base Marble cost has been reduced to 10 Marble
    • Octagonal Pedestal base Tools cost has been reduced to 5 Tools
    • Small Octagonal Pedestal base Splendor is set to 1 Kingdom Splendor
    • Small Octagonal Pedestal base Upkeep is set to 2 coins
    • Small Octagonal Pedestal base Marble cost has been reduced to 10 Marble
    • Small Octagonal Pedestal base Tools cost has been reduced to 5 Tools
    • Alcoved Pillar base Marble cost has been reduced to 20 Marble
    • Square Plinth base Splendor is set to 2 Kingdom Splendor
    • Square Plinth base Upkeep is set to 2 coins
    • Square Plinth base Marble cost has been reduced to 30 Marble
    • Square Plinth base Tools cost has been reduced to 5 Tools
    • Removed Costs and Yields from Large Square Pedestal as it is stored in the Tiling part
  • Fountain Sculpture
    • Fountain Pedestal, Quatrefoil base Splendor has been reduced to 2 Kingdom Splendor
    • Fountain Pedestal, Quatrefoil base Upkeep has been reduced to 2 coins
    • Fountain Pedestal, Quatrefoil tiling Marble cost has been reduced to 5 Marble
    • Fountain Pedestal, Hexagonal base Splendor has been reduced to 2 Kingdom Splendor
    • Fountain Pedestal, Hexagonal base Upkeep has been reduced to 2 coins

Food Grace Period Delay

  • Increased Villager Food first consumption Grace Period delay to 180 days
  • Increased Monastics Food first consumption Grace Period delay to 180 days



  • Monuments now have their own category filter in the Build menu
  • Monuments’ building windows have been cleaned in a bid to enhance the player experience:. 
    • Down to two tabs: Monument Overview and Sub-Buildings
    • Upkeep and effects have been moved below the monument’s description
    • The Edit Building option now shows all Sub-Buildings with their respective Upkeeps and Effects
    • Players can change the functions of existing Sub-Buildings
    • Players can add more Sub-Buildings
    • The list of parts in Preview mode has been simplified to only show the size and the action buttons
    • The Sub-Building back button has been simplified to only show the Parent Monument’s name
    • Free Build is now found at the end of all available Sub-Building functions


  • Resources tab (F3): label icons used for the Buy from them and Sell to them sections have been modified to up and down arrows in an effort to convey trading feedback more efficiently
  • Progression tab (F5): Influence cost information for Estate unlockable elements is now displayed in the tooltips

Main menu

  • Players can now sort mods using a Date Updated filter

Other Fixes and Tweaks

Advanced Onboarding Starting Conditions

  • In addition to previous conditions, the Commoner Promotion Advanced Onboarding now checks for either:
    • You have at least 30 population
    • You have a job that requires a Commoner
    • You have a Serf is ready to be promoted
  • Decorative Advanced Onboarding now checks for either:
    • You have unlocked the first Decorative unlockable
    • You have a Commoner
  • The quest for the Decorative Advanced Onboarding now requires you to unlock the first Decorative unlockable.
  • In addition to previous conditions, the Monastery Promotion now checks for either:
    • You have 10 Manuscripts
    • You have a job that requires a Monk/Nun
    • You have reached the Tier 3 Clergy
  • Fixed incorrect notifications in the the Monastery Promotion Advanced Onboarding
  • In addition to previous conditions, the Second Food Advanced Onboarding now checks for either:
    • You have at least 30 villagers
    • You have a job that requires a Commoner
    • You have reached the Tier 3 Common Path

Bug Fixes

  • Churches could only have one masterpiece part
  • Rare crash with a monk visiting a Hospitium
  • The ‘Near Riverside’ masterpiece condition wasn’t updated when removing or adding an individual part 
  • Workers didn’t fetch additional resources if they were missing some during a work cycle


  • Exposed the scissors prefab for Tailors
  • Vehicles can now be unassigned from agents

Devlog #17: Desirability, Safety, Castle and More!

Hello everyone and welcome back to Devlog’s! Today we present you with Devlog #17 and news from the team. We know it’s been a while since the last Devlog but now is a perfect time to update you all on the current progress of upcoming updates and what we have been working on.

First, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their feedback on the recent updates. There have been a lot of changes to the game which we have been happy to see very positive feedback for. We are aware of some needed quality of life (QOL) improvements highlighted by the community, such as the sub-building flow which we are working on improving for the next update. Please do keep your feedback coming as it helps us improve the game as we continue development.

Fall Plan

With the now expanded team we are working on multiple updates concurrently. These are namely the upcoming 1.9.6 update which focuses on Housing Desirability & Beautification, the new Safety system and the Kingdom update. Let’s take a closer look at what we have been working on…

Upcoming update 1.9.6 (Desirability & Beautification)

Though not a major update, calling it a minor update doesn’t do it justice. Update 1.9.6 brings some significant changes that will pave the way for the Kingdom update. More on the Kingdom update in a moment.

This update will bring a change to the Desirability system. Where currently houses will be allowed to upgrade if a housing area is desirable enough based on a single factor, with the new system houses now have different requirements in order to upgrade to the next tier. Essentially, Beautification will be an additional and separate factor when it comes to housing upgrades.

With the new system, houses will only upgrade from low to medium quality if all of the following criteria are met:

  • Desirable neighborhood – Build away from undesirable buildings
  • Beautification – Build within a Beautification area
  • At least one villager of Commoner status or higher looking for medium-quality housing

Note: Removing a house requirement will eventually result in the house being downgraded or its occupant moving away.

These changes will allow you to have better control over where you wish housing to upgrade as well as potentially downgrade housing.

Desirable Neighborhoods

Houses need to be built in pleasant neighborhoods, away from noise, bad smells and grime and hence undesirable environments. Some buildings will now have a clearly defined undesirable area based on the building’s footprint. These will include buildings such as the Lumber Camp, Sawmill, Gold Smelter and all types of Quarries. Medium-quality housing needs to be outside of this undesirable area.


Beautification is now becoming a Desirability factor in its own right. For houses to upgrade they must be in an area of Beautification, i.e. within a clearly defined Beautification area created by decorations or buildings that provide Beautification.

The range of the Beautification area will be based on a decoration’s Beautification value combined with its footprint. The overall Beautification area will increase if placed next to another similar area.

Information Layers

In order to accommodate the above changes we will be updating the visibility layers.

  • The Housing Desirability layer will now show residential areas, undesirable areas as well as any medium-quality housing areas.
  • A new Beautification layer will show Beautification areas, items supplying Beautification and housing affected by Beautification.

Other Improvements

Update 1.9.6 will also come with more QOL improvements to the game as a whole including an improved Monument experience with improved sub-building flow and a new dedicated Monument tab in the Build menu, and more. You can check out the full changelog on release.

The 1.9.6 update is very close to an experimental deployment, so keep an eye out for further announcements if you would like to try it out before its full public release on the main branch.

Also In The Pipeline…

As mentioned earlier, we are working on multiple updates concurrently, so what else is in the pipeline?

Safety System

The Safety system will be a new way to control Housing Density via Patrols and Fortifications. The system itself requires a number of changes to integrate it into the game and work is progressing well. We will bring you more news on this in a future communication.


The current system for walls has always been a temporary measure and we are now working on incorporating walls into the construction flow. Walls will be integrated into Monuments with their own construction costs and visual building steps.

Kingdom Update

The Kingdom update is also being worked on and it is going to be huge! We won’t go into too much detail here but progress on this update is now well under way. The new Castle Monument is under construction (hype!) as well as a new system to create Companies and Battalions to send your Army off to war. Stay tuned for more news but we will leave you with this teaser…

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Devlog #16

Greetings Lords and Ladies!

With the new UI out it’s a good time to take a look at what else we have been working on and where our focus is now headed.

Before we do though, we would like to mention our growing team here at Polymorph Games. As a relatively new indie studio we are always looking to expand the team and as such we have seen some new faces since the last Devlog.

We have recently been joined by a senior gameplay programmer that will help us as we move our focus to new and improved gameplay features. We also have been swelled in ranks by a new engine programmer as well as a gameplay programmer that is completing an internship with us.

Getting back to the team’s focus, the first thing of note is that in a revised change to our roadmap earlier this year, we are planning to bring you a game update in the Autumn/Fall whilst in the background we also work toward the bigger Core II update.

Let’s take a look at what the team has been working on…


The art team have been hard at work overhauling the current buildings to create a more cohesive and detailed style throughout the game.

You can see an example below of the completed bakery revamp in all its splendor.

Before/after shot of the Bakery

You’ll see the majority of these as part of a larger update, most likely sometime next year, however we will be bringing 2 new buildings to the game much sooner that have been designed from the ground up with the new and improved styling already implemented.

Currently the focus is on these two buildings which will see both a Candle Workshop as well as a Common Wares Workshop added to the game in the Fall Update. Check out some concept art of the Common Wares Workshop below.

Common wares workshop concept art

In the longer term the gameplay team is now focused on Core Update II which will see a complete overhaul of the Estate system and progression. The final design of the Estate system overhaul is now almost complete and work has begun on its implementation. The team are also working on balancing tools to make for easier balancing as we add more content to the game.

In the more immediate future however, the team has also been working on implementing a new feature for the Fall Update that will bring more immersion when building your village. This feature will see construction step bundles implemented to the game.

These bundles will create a more logical construction process, where materials will be required on construction sites in a relevant order. For example a building’s foundation/basement will be built first and require a specific portion of the overall building resources on site before construction begins. The next step might be walls that require the next bundle of resources.

Construction step bundles essentially break down the overall resource requirements into separate bundles that need to be delivered to construction sites prior to builders starting work on each construction step.


We are still working to further improve the UI with subsequent updates such as the recent UI/UX patch. We still have many more improvements to come.

To this end, the UI/UX team is working on a number of important small improvements and fixes that will come in the Fall Update. Alongside this the team is also working on UX design for the bigger core update, in support of the Estates overhaul, which will require a number of new screens and information panels.

Game Engine & Modding

As you can probably imagine the Engine team is busy working to support any processes that the whole team are working on, such as new Hurricane editor tools for feature integration.

Furthermore the team continues to collate and analyse any crash reports coming in and fixing any instability as quickly as possible. Our crash rate is at an all time low with the biggest crash issue now being graphics drivers. Note: if you are experiencing any crashing on startup please update your GPU drivers with (importantly) a clean install of the GPU drivers.

Modding is also one of the larger projects for the Engine team which has seen them continue to work on exposing more features, such as exposing the mandate system to create custom mandates. They have also been looking to support modders even further with work on Lua debugging support.

In addition to this we continue to work closely with the modding community to gather modding feedback and suggestions, as well as look at ways to improve our feedback gathering to better support the modding community.

We will bring you more news as soon as we have it and keep an eye on our social media channels for more teasers, as we get closer to the Fall Update release.


1.7.11 UI/UX Patch is live!

Good day Lords & Ladies!

We hope that everyone has been enjoying the new user interface (UI) which, as mentioned previously, was only the 1st phase of a continuing UI/UX development.

Today we have released patch 1.7.11 which brings some further quality of life (QoL) features to the recent 1.7 UI/UX update, as well as some overall user experience (UX) and accessibility improvements.

The patch will also squash a few medieval bugs as well as address some crash fixes, as we continue to improve on the already stable 1.7 update.

Here are a few highlights of what you will find in today’s patch…

New counters

The recent new UI introduced clickable counters that would help track issues such as missing resources or workers.

Two new counters have now been added that will let you know, at-a-glance, how many buildings are under construction as well as a counter for paint zones issues. Clicking these counters will cycle through said buildings locations for easy tracking.

Manual input: trade quantities

Based on community feedback we know many of you will be happy to see this next feature added.

The trading resource quantities can now be edited manually via numerical text entry, directly into the resource table. The buttons are still there of course and don’t forget you can click and hold the buttons to increase or decrease the quantities in larger steps.

Tree and grass sway

Another great example of community feedback comes with this next change. Tree and grass sway animations have been normalized to run at x1 speed no matter the speed setting above pause. This should help those that suffer from motion/simulation sickness and even those that don’t.

For more severe cases we have also added the option to turn off the environmental animations entirely.

Main Menu improvements

When starting a new game, the map selector now shows a short description of the map, as well as a handy thumbnail image of the map itself. Modders are also able to add thumbnails and descriptions with their own maps, though current ones will need to be updated.

Layouts for both the loading menu and save menu have been improved, making it easier to find the save you wish to play. It’s now much easier to see information pertaining to a save file, whilst easily sorting the list via various sort options. Additionally, it is now possible to filter out autosaves and remove them from the viewable list.

And more…

Distance to workplace information returns with this patch. More specifically when assigning villagers to a workplace using the dropdown, you will now see the distance that workplace is from the villager’s home or village center if homeless. We all love an efficient village!

We are aware of some issues relating to zooming, specifically around elevated terrain, so we have made some improvements to the way that zooming is handled. More work will be done on the camera in future updates but this should help to improve the control over high terrain areas.

Text contrast and shadows have been enhanced throughout the game, which brings a cleaner look but more importantly, increased readability for everyone. Further improvements are also planned as we continue to refine the new UI.

There are many more tweaks in the 1.7.11 patch, as well as a bunch of medieval bugs vanquished and a number of crashes addressed.

As always, we would like to say a big thank you for your continued support and invaluable feedback.

  • add: Textfield functionality to resource trade quantity in the Book
  • add: Counter – missing paint zone
  • add: Counter – ongoing construction
  • add: Collapsible monument parts groups when editing (reintroduced)
  • add: Distance to workplace when assigning worker via dropdown
  • add: Full tooltips – estate unlockables
  • add: Military mission, panel sorting
  • add: New map selector integration (first iteration)
  • add: Map selector placeholder modded map description
  • add: Map selector placeholder modded map screenshot
  • add: Option to hide autosaves in load menu
  • add: Option to turn off tree and grass sway to prevent motion sickness
  • add: Stockpile tooltip in resource window
  • add: Toggleable FPS visibility in the General options
  • add: New golden buttons implementation
  • update: Improved text contrast and shadows
  • update: Tweak estate headers (Labor/Kingdom)
  • update: Multiple layout, labels and icon tweaks
  • update: Information Module notifications – visibility improved
  • update: Clear building search box when switching categories
  • update: Help menu – Streamline text wording
  • update: Improve load game layout and sorting
  • update: Improve promotion sorting order
  • update: Improve save game layout and sorting
  • update: Improve the workplace list sorting
  • update: Improve zooming on elevated terrain
  • update: Lock environmental animations at speed x1
  • update: Locked buildings provide info relative to their unlocking conditions
  • update: Tweak delivery quest steps
  • update: New event illustrations
  • update: Adjust dropdown and combobox positioning
  • update: Action Menu – UX/UI iteration
  • update: Port the tombstone window to the new UI style
  • update: Visitors follow interaction via quest module changed to locate
  • update: Tweaked training dummies description
  • update: Localizations
  • fix: Outside Territory notification when moving a tavern with a bridge
  • fix: Automated fountain musical parts should display a function
  • fix: Bailiff – The tooltip to locate the mineral’s location is empty
  • fix: Missing resource counter is counting each building parts as individual structures
  • fix: Building status not always representative of current status
  • fix: Crane storage not showing resources
  • fix: Double “achievements disabled” notif when loading a game
  • fix: Estate conditions should never be red when the value is sufficient
  • fix: Forester status should be “No tree type selected” when no tree type is selected
  • fix: Immigration blocked notification missing
  • fix: Livestock spawning location not working
  • fix: Possible to have ‘stuck’ message that gives no information in logs
  • fix: Missing success probability when a military mission continues
  • fix: Reloading a save with an ongoing military mission can have various issues
  • fix: Hot reload destroying the minerals depots that have a structure
  • fix: Rounding issues for values throughout the game
  • fix: Scroll bar reset position when closing / reopening
  • fix: Stuck soldiers can remain stuck forever
  • fix: Reduce military mission rewards
  • fix: Days left of active military quests remain at 0 after the initial 20 days
  • fix: Cost to unlock the tavern wall
  • fix: Switch the default forester tree state to true
  • fix: Various UI presentation fixes and tweaks
  • fix: Villager status when soldier job is removed
  • fix: Soldiers can be selected whilst invisible at quest location
  • fix: Wrong granary description (stores “granary-type” food)
  • fix: First buildings unlocked were not showing as quest reward
  • fix: Resources list is misalignment
  • fix: Ressource tab cannot be closed using the Esc key under certain circumstances
  • fix: Automated fountain musical parts should display a function
  • fix: Estates value text colors incorrectly changed
  • fix: Load game mod list exceeded defined space for warning window
  • fix: Infinite quests displaying days left in their tooltip
  • fix: Esc button should close system menu
  • fix: Esc key should cancel building placing and system menu sub window
  • fix: Villager Stuck Notification Log when destination object does not exists anymore
  • fix: Possible to promote villagers without having gold
  • fix: Environment map lighting
  • fix: History tab for saves 1.7.10 and before, now list all completed missions from day1
  • fix: Transporters bypassing stockpile
  • fix: Military panel visuals when a quest expires
  • fix: Missing building description tooltips for multiple monuments
  • fix: Building completed notification loses building name on reload
  • fix: Applied dynamic reserved width to military lists
  • fix: Crash caused by mod game rule
  • fix: Crash on very early building part destruction
  • fix: Crash when a building part is deleted with active inventory
  • fix: Crash when accepting a military mission
  • fix: Crash when attempting to deposit resources in a non-existing crane deposit
  • fix: Crash when load selected and savegame list is empty
  • fix: Crash when performing force finish on parts of the bridge
  • add: Ability to customize core prefabs
  • add: Modded maps preview customization
  • add: Expose additional classes and core content
  • update: Mod logging improvements
  • update: Modding documentation fixes and improvements
  • fix: Existing savegame mod reordering fixes
  • fix: Mod custom behavior tree node fails
  • fix: Other modding-adjacent bug fixes
  • fix: Crash on modded bridge building part removal
  • fix: Crash when building monument mod with tree building part
  • fix: Crash caused by mod game rule
Modding wiki

Modding documentation and changes can be found over on the modding wiki.

– The Polymorph Games Team


1.7 New User Interface (UI) Update is now live!

Greetings Medieval City Planners,

Today is the day we know many of you, including ourselves, have been looking forward to: the release of the 1.7 New User Interface (UI) update!

As you will see, everything has changed. In the actions bar, you will find all the tools you need to build, zone and delve further into your village details (with the multi-pages Book feature!). You’ll also enjoy a much more detailed informative module at the top, revamped building and villager panels, a new quest module and more streamlined notifications.

You will find a new Quest panel where you can pin quests and keep a track of available missions and an overhauled help menu that will give you some further pointers and information on the games’ systems.

Saves now have a screenshot to help you identify your save at-a-glance, and the settings menu (and game) in general, is much more easy to use and navigate.

That’s not all of course! We have made further improvements to the engine during this time, that should see your fps improve as well as further bug fixes.

In summary, anything and everything is new and we hope you enjoy the new experience the UI will bring to the game!

Behind the scenes of last year development

This last year has been very busy for our small but passionate team. As many of you know, Foundation is made with its own game engine. This gives us the liberty we need to create the game as we envision it, but it also requires more time to develop some features as we also have to develop the tools we require beforehand.

Much of the team have been focused on the programming that was required to implement a whole new UI:

  • Creating a complete GUI Editor from scratch
  • Improve massively on our GUI engine
  • Improve our 2D rendering pipeline
  • Develop a completely new font rendering system to support font variety and scaling
  • Refactor the whole UI code base around the new UX
  • Implement all the new QoL that the new UX required
An overview of our engine custom GUI editor

Other members of the team also worked with Dan, our UI/UX developer to create the multitude of custom art that can be seen throughout the new interface.

With the UI/UX phase one complete and the major groundwork set for later phases, we can now switch our main focus and push on with more gameplay and content additions still to come, in the upcoming Core updates!

1.7 Changelog
  • add: new HUD
  • add: new help menu
  • add: new actions bar
  • add: new Book feature
  • add: new sortable villager panel to Book
  • add: new sortable workplace panel to Book
  • add: new trade and resources panel to Book
  • add: new budget overview panel to Book
  • add: new estates panel to Book
  • add: new army manager panel to Book
  • add: new log panel to Book
  • add: new buildings panels
  • add: new building status indicators
  • add: new construction menu
  • add: search function to construction menu
  • add: category filters to construction menu
  • add: new Information panels
  • add: new issues counters
  • add: new monthly budget reports
  • add: new quest Module
  • add: new pinnable quests
  • add: new notifications system
  • add: new tooltips
  • add: new event pop-ups
  • add: new custom art – events
  • add: new custom art – information panels
  • add: new resource icons
  • add: new main menu
  • add: new load/save windows
  • add: new mods window
  • add: loading screen
  • add: new settings window
  • add: new achievements window
  • add: savegame – automated thumbnails + save meta info (villager count, playtime, etc)
  • add: new audio
  • add: more control remapping options
  • fix: tavern bridge placement
  • update: community localizations
  • improve: building overview tab with worker assignation shortcut
  • improve: UI Scaling, including clean font scaling
  • improve: language switching


  • add: static sized arrays support
  • add: support for atlas cell image assets
  • expose additional animations
  • fix: mod unload order
  • fix: custom type list property always using default value instead of assigned value

Preview build: Alpha 1.7 is live!

Hey everyone, today we have exciting news!

A preview build of the upcoming 1.7 UI update is now available via the GOG or Steam beta option tab (access instructions below).

For the past months, we have been working hard on a complete rehaul of the UI. Phase I is almost complete and we are excited to bring you a preview build, so that you can all take a first hands-on look at the new revamped Foundation interface.

We still have some outstanding improvements to make in Phase I, but now is the perfect time for us to gather your feedback. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the preview feedback thread here (Steam) or GOG forums. Alternatively, join us on Discord where we have a dedicated channel for the 1.7 UI preview.

Vanilla (non-modded) save games from the current live build should, in most cases, be compatible with the preview build. However, as always with a preview build, we thoroughly recommend trying a fresh game to get the full benefit and experience from this update.

Many mods will require a migration update and will not initially work, and as such, modded saves will likely need to wait for mod updates and the full 1.7 update. We will be working closely with the modding community to help them get updated as quickly as possible during the preview stage.

Preview build saves will be compatible with the full release of the 1.7 UI update

Phase I is a huge foundation [Warning: pun overuse] for more improvements to come with subsequent phases looking to fine-tune the art style, improving usability and UX as well as looking deeper into accessibility features and then final UI polish. 

We hope you enjoy the new look UI and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Access instructions

If you would like to take a look or help test out the update preview you can gain access via:


  • Right-click Foundation in your Steam library
  • Click on properties
  • Navigate to BETAS
  • Choose the preview – Next Build Preview option

The game will automatically update but if it does not you may need to restart your Steam client.

Please note: The preview build is work in progress and may contain some bugs. Any Bugs you might find can be reported here on the Steam forums or you can join us on Discord where we have both feedback and bug reporting channels.


  • Open the Foundation game, options menu within your GOG Galaxy library
  • Choose Manage installation -> Configure
  • Within the Betas channels choose preview
  • Click OK

The game should automatically update but if it does not you may need to restart your GOG Galaxy client.

Please note: The preview build is work in progress and may contain some bugs. Any Bugs you might find can be reported here on the GOG forums or you can join us on Discord where we have both feedback and bug reporting channels.


Devlog #15

Hey everyone!

It’s been a little time since our last communication but this does not mean we have been resting on our laurels. We know you are all eagerly anticipating the new UI and the improvements that will come with it.

An update on the UI rehaul progress

The very first phase of the new UI implementation is nearing completion. With that said, we would like to share with you some of the work that has been involved with creating the new UI, and to let you know what has been going on in the background for the past few months.

Late last year, we teased you all with some sample images of our UI rehaul. These initial images were conceptual and only a taste of what to expect. Since that time, our UI/UX designer and a good chunk of the team have been busy implementing the full redesign in-engine.

If you have played the game and seen the old UI you will be well aware that although it was functional, it was lacking in many places, not particularly intuitive and also not very aesthetically pleasing. As such, the redesign has required major work. Every menu, icon, HUD element, feedback module… it’s a long list… needed to be updated, redesigned and in some instances built from scratch. Such is the cost of progress.

Once the new design foundation (pun intended) was laid out and agreed upon, work could begin on asset creation, whilst in the background, we ramped up work on the engine. What came out of this was a brand new Interface tool (imaginatively called the GUI editor). This tool effectively allows us to build, visualize and tweak the interface without programming (because yes, the old interface used to be generated purely by code). As we progress, we’re constantly making the editor even more powerful, to allow for new features in the game for you, the players.

On top of this we have been making further updates to the engine to allow for enhanced UI visuals including better font rendering, to improve scaling, for the large differences in resolutions throughout the player base.

Much of the new interface is now in place and we are on the final run toward testing, feedback, tweaking and subsequent release. There are still a few elements that need to be worked on, some remnants from the old UI that need to be replaced and we will need to further tweak and improve on the work so far before release.

We know you are eager to see more teasers of what’s to come and of course we wish to oblige…

In other news

The UI has not been the only focus of recent development work. Some of the team have also been working in the background on more long-term goals such as overall art direction and preparation for future content updates.

Some of you may have noticed the changes to the market tents in a social media post some time ago, this was only the start of a broader improvement in the overall art direction. Further work has since been carried out on buildings such as the bakery and in time we will revamp and enhance the majority of the art and assets within the game.

The art team has also been working to design and create tools that will allow for a better way to render environmental aspects and transitions within the game, such as those between grass, sand and rocks. Similarly, they have been looking at ways in which to improve the look and variation of environmental factors such as vegetation, lighting and overall ambiance.

These changes and improvements to the art style will not be part of the upcoming UI but you will be seeing more of them in the future.

We will update you all with an ETA for the release of the UI update in the coming weeks.


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